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About Shiftal

We at Shiftal have been curious about cryptocurrencies right from its inception a decade ago to the various stages it has been through; right from the ups and downs, Bitcoin has seen to the emergence of Altcoins. Our journey dates back to Seven years earlier where we had this idea to create a user-friendly exchange.

The cryptocurrency growth journey has been personally exciting for us, and that’s why we call ourselves “crypto-preneurs”. Our aim is simple: we believe in decentralizing/decentralization of financial institutions, privacy and financial freedom for each and everyone. And this is why we wish to make our product available to people around the world, giving them financial peace of mind. With these thoughts at the back of our heads, we are planning to make cryptocurrencies reach the farthest corners of the world through an easy trade.

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Key Features of the best P2P crypto exchange platform

Shiftal has a variety of features that make it the best P2P crptocurrency exchange to trade BTC and ETH with multiple payment methods.

Highly Secure

Security is paramount to us. Our cryptocurrency exchange platform is fortified with multiple layers of protection. Leveraging the most advanced features to drive socure transactions.

Low Transaction Fees

Our aim is to let traders buy or sell BTC and ETH isntantly. With very low fees on trading as well as withdrawals. allowing our usersto maximize their profile.

Licensed & Regulated

Shiftal is fully licensed and regulated. and meets the strictest safety standards by being globally compliant.

Multicurrency Wallet

Store, send and receive your coveted cryptocurrency with our highly - secure multicurrency wallet.

Automated KYC Verification

Keeping the regulation standards in mind and the time consumed in doing manual KYC on-boarding process. We have partnered with YOTI to provide the fastest and highly advanced anutomated KYC system to Shiftal users.

Superior Customer Support

Shiftal's diligent support team is fully dedicated to provide the best user expereience by assisting themin any escalated disputes or issues. for quick resolution with user satisfaction.