About Us

A brief history of the company

We at Shiftal have been curious about cryptocurrencies right from its inception a decade ago to the various stages it has been through; right from the ups and downs, Bitcoin has seen, to the emergence of Altcoins. Our journey dates back to seven years earlier when We had this idea to create a user-friendly exchange.

The cryptocurrency growth journey has been personally exciting for us, and that’s why we call ourselves “crypto-preneurs.” Our aim is simple: we believe in decentralizing/decentralization of financial institutions, privacy, and financial freedom for each one.

And this is why we wish to make our product available to people around the world, giving them financial peace of mind. With these thoughts at the back of our heads, we are planning to make cryptocurrencies reach the farthest corners of the world through easy trade.

We wish our platform be used by people from all walks of life right from an everyday office-goer to blockchain and crypto enthusiasts. We want to make trading safe and fun for all the people who believe in us and our platform.

Shiftal Vision

Plans for future- Our Vision

We have stepped to the crypto side of things with the P2P exchange. This is just a tiny part of our vision in the crypto-space. We aim to harness Blockchain technology to the fullest. We aim to make two of the most prominent cryptocurrencies (BTC & ETH) reach the maximum number of people.

We want a secure exchange for the most prominent cryptocurrencies, and we want it to happen globally. Secure trade is our short term vision, and our P2P platform will not only be safe but very simple to use.

Long Term vision

In the future, we wish to expand our services, introducing a centralized spot trading exchange with a margin trading platform for all the users across the globe, aiming for an all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange. So, you know we aren’t going to stop with one aspect of crypto-trade.

What makes us different?

It is a fact that we wish to make something as complex as P2P trading an easy affair. While getting to know the market, the clear verdict was that P2P exchange is a time consuming and cumbersome process. We came to know that many users face difficulty in understanding how P2P works, and the whole process is confusing, with many complications in the trading.

Our exchange has come up with a perfect and unique user-friendly platform which will provide ample trading experience, which will ensure smooth, reliable, and scalable buy/sell of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

With our transparent and institutional level security & protection platform, experience a whole new different level of P2P trade experience without any complications.

buy/sell Bitcoin and Ethereum
Why Shiftal

Why the company started?

We had problems with the usual way cryptocurrencies were purchased. So, we are making a platform to make it easy and straightforward. While we loved buying Bitcoin and Ethereum locally or internationally, we encountered problems in that daily. From the high fee during transactions to the trust issues of being scammed, we couldn’t find a proper way to buy Bitcoin to trade or stake. We were constantly looking for ways to make this process easier. Meanwhile, Ethereum was on the rise, reaching new levels and was noticed for its popularity in the market. We found that there wasn’t even one single exchange providing easy P2P exchange of Ethereum and Native currencies. We knew what we had to do. As a consequence of these reasons, we at Shiftal decided to eliminate all these issues. We understand what issues customers/buyers faced while buying/selling. Hence, making a platform that’s good for the users with all the factors of reliability, scalability, and user-friendliness along with the promise of minimal fees.