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The global economy is certainly moving towards a digital eco-system. From investment to money transfer, the whole system is going paperless. The latest and most promising add-on to the digital payment sector is a cryptocurrency exchange. A cryptocurrency is a decentralized electronic currency like normal currencies such as USD and Euro with many other benefits. Since it is not issued by a central authority, governments can’t seize it from you. Over the last couple of
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With the cryptocurrency boom that has gripped the world, there has been a precedented growth of multiple cryptocurrencies that battle among each other to gain dominance among the investors. Currently, there are around 5000 different kinds of cryptocurrencies in almost 20,000 different markets for investors to choose from. Since its beginning in 2009, Bitcoin has been the leader in cryptocurrencies and has gained a substantial amount of trust among its investors and traders. But over
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Bitcoin is, of course, the first cryptocurrency to come into existence. Invented on 31st October 2008, it was based on the white paper submitted by Satoshi Nakamoto. While there was only one cryptocurrency in 2008, now there are more than 5,000 out there. In a little over a decade, think about the giant leap that cryptocurrencies have taken. While you are reading this post, there’s probably another cryptocurrency getting deployed somewhere. People have already begun
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The successful ones started their trading with the best cryptocurrency exchange platform by asking questions such as: – Is Bitcoin a good investment?– What is the best mode of payment to buy Bitcoins?– Which is the best Bitcoin investment strategy?– How much to invest in Bitcoin? These questions may confuse the beginners, so it is advisable to have a mentor. A mentor has gone through all these questions and can guide you through the process.
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Managing your money amid the COVID-19 pandemic can be challenging, especially when it is having a huge impact on the global economy. Millions of people are uncertain about their jobs, monthly salary, debts, daily expenses, retirement, and cash savings. Although the situation of each individual and family is different, the broad issue is the same; concern about finances. Coronavirus has drastically affected the entire financial market. Even the crypto industry could not escape from this
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