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5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

The growth in the number of cryptocurrency holders and traders led to the introduction of crypto exchange platforms. However, not every cryptocurrency exchange platform is reliable enough to perform crypto-related transactions.

Some are at high risk of being subject to fraud, scams, and hacking. These sorts of events left adverse effects and impressions on a lot of traders.

However, it is important to remember that there are still many cryptocurrency exchange platforms with a strong reputation and security systems. If you are a crypto holder, trader, or investor looking for a trusted, secured, and user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange platform, this blog will help you narrow down your search.

Security Measures

This is the most important factor that every trader seeks in a P2P crypto exchange. A top-notch security feature will not only protect your digital assets on the platform but also the personal information that you provide. Please refer to Privacy Policy.

At Shiftal exchange, we provide multi-layer security systems, such as two-factor authentication, dispute resolution system, Login guard, Login history, etc to level up the security and drive secure transactions.

Platform Authenticity

Today, hundreds of Bitcoin trading exchanges are available for crypto trading. However, some of these might be created by hackers to deceive users. So, when choosing a P2P bitcoin exchange, it is vital to check and verify whether a company is legitimate or not.

You can check this by conducting online research about the company it’s regulation, location, and contact information.

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Geographical Borders

While bitcoin and altcoins can reach different parts of the world- even those that are unbanked- there are still some jurisdictions that do not fully embrace the capabilities and uses of this kind of digital money. To avoid difficulties in trading, it is essential to check which countries allow crypto trading and which do not.

Shiftal exchange is a European regulated P2P crypto exchange that allows users to trade worldwide. With our exchange platform, a user can easily buy Bitcoin in Venezuela and sell it in another corner of the world. Please refer to Terms and Conditions.


Another significant factor to consider when choosing a P2P exchange is its rates and fees for every transaction. This factor varies from exchange to exchange. Some platforms charge high prices for buying and selling Bitcoin, while others charge extremely low fees.

At Shiftal, we charge very low fees for trading and withdrawal so that our users can maximize their profits.

Trading Liquidity

Liquidity is defined as ‘how easily assets can be converted into cash’. Since the transaction involves cryptocurrencies, it is crucial to know whether or not a trading platform has a high liquidity feature. This will assure users that their buy/sell orders can be fulfilled quickly.

Weighing All Factors

When choosing a P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform, it is important to take into account various considerations. Different exchanges offer different ways of building security precautions, regulating users, building their network, and building a user experience.

So, if you are looking for a reliable and reputable P2P crypto trading platform, Shiftal exchange is the best bet for you. Shiftal exchange offers multi-layer security and escrow-protected trading to enable users to trade with confidence. Besides, our platform offers 70+ payment options, breaking any kind of payment barrier for users.

Start buying and selling Bitcoins on the most trusted and secure platform!

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