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Buy BTC & ETH Instantly by Leveraging the Best Trading Signals

If you have started crypto trading and you are ready to take it to the next level, we are here to help. Here’s our guide on how to leverage the most effective crypto trading signals to buy BTC & ETH instantly.

  • Volume
    Trading volume is the most basic indicator available. It shows trading activities during a specific time slot, represented by bars and charts.

Due to its simplicity, most traders have often overlooked it. What the pro traders do not want you to know is that volume presents a lot more information than what you see originally.

Here is what you need to know about the volume:
The color of the volume bar doesn’t represent buying or selling. It just follows the color of the candles it represents. By default, if a candle closes above the open, then the candle and volume bar will indicate a green color. If a candle closes below the open, then the candle and volume bar will indicate a red color.

So, as a trader, you need to carefully watch what the volume is telling you.

  • News

News or changes in macro-economy are important trading signals that tremendously help traders if they want to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum with fiat currency.

News is an extremely important factor when investing in any asset. Bad news can drop the prices and good news can cause incredible price hikes. So, as a crypto investor, make sure to keep yourself updated about what is happening in the crypto world to earn the most out of your cryptocurrency investment.

  • Indicators
    Mathematical indicators are used on the trading charts. They analyze, digest, and churn out the data in a readable form that is used by the traders/investors around the world to beat the market and make money.

Divergence is one of the most popularly used indicators globally.

What is Divergence?
Divergence is a separation of two lines or paths.

While prices move one way, other indicators can move in the opposite direction. Professional cryptocurrency traders always look for divergence because it can give key trading signals to support market analysis.

There are four types of divergence-
a) Bullish Divergence- where price prints are lower low, but the corresponding indicator prints a higher low.

b) Hidden Bullish Divergence- where price prints are higher low, but the corresponding indicator prints a lower low.

c) Bearish Divergence- where price prints are higher high, but the corresponding indicator prints a lower high.

d) Hidden Bearish Divergence- where price prints are lower high, but the corresponding indicator prints a higher high.

These are some of the cryptocurrency trading signals that give you helpful trading suggestions to buy and sell cryptocurrency on the best BTC trading platform at a certain price and time. If you want to be an independent crypto trader and find real success whenever you buy cryptocurrency with fiat currency, you need to learn the art of crypto trading.

If you want to leave the whole decision-making process in the hands of professionals and if you don’t have enough time or experience to analyze the crypto market, Shiftal’s support team can help and guide you on how to buy Bitcoins and Altcoins with fiat currency.

Best bitcoin trading platform

How to Buy Bitcoin in United Kindom On Shiftal | A Comprehensive Payment Guide

Many people do not know how to buy Bitcoin in United Kingdom, but doing so is as simple as signing up for a mobile app. With Bitcoin back in the news again, now’s a better time than ever to delve into the weeds and learn more about how to invest. Here is everything you need to know about buying Bitcoin in the UK.

How to Buy Bitcoin in the UK?

There are several ways to buy BTC in the UK, using a P2P crypto trading platform is one of the most common and popular methods among Europeans.

Shiftal is one of the leading P2P cryptocurrency exchanges in the United Kingdom, which provides a robust and feature-rich trading platform with low trading fees, high-security checks, secure wallet, user-friendly mobile apps, automated KYC process, and lot more to make your trading process seamless, secure, and enjoyable. Our platform offers a plethora of payment options to buy BTC instantly and securely. Take a look.

For instance, you buy BTC on Shiftal in the United Kingdom for Pound Sterling (GBP), these are the payment methods you can choose from:

a) With a National Bank Transfer

National Bank Transfer is an instant payment electronic funds transfer system in the UK. This is the most popular payment gateway among Europeans to buy BTC in the UK. People find it a more reliable and secure method to invest their hard-earned money in the crypto market.

Why buy BTC with NBT on Shiftal?

a) Using NBT the money will be credited in your chosen trader’s account within a few seconds.

b) This is the most secure, safe, and cost-effective payment mode.

c) It has no minimum amount limit or transactions of funds.

d) It can be used on a mobile phone or internet banking.

b) With Cash

Cash deposit is one of the fastest and most private methods to buy bitcoin. With this payment method, you can receive your Bitcoins within a couple of hours.

Why buy BTC with cash on Shiftal?

1) It is private as no personal information is required.

2) Fast process; no need to wait for 2 days for a bank transfer to process.

c) With Transferwise or Revolut

Transfer wise or Revolut is the best online money transfer service providers in the UK. They attain a top-notch and smartest approach to allow people to send and receive money safely from abroad without the high fees added by most high-street banks. This is the reason people widely use it to buy their coveted crypto.

Why buy BTC with Transferwise or Revolut on Shiftal?

a) Send money abroad is 8 times cheaper than using other payment methods.

b) Transparent transaction cost

c) Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

d) With Moneygram or Western Union

Moneygram or Western Union moves money across borders for families, businesses, and communities. They are the foreign exchange partners that transfer money from one country to another. This service is widely used the Europeans to buy BTC because of the following reasons:

Why buy BTC with Moneygram or Western Union on Shiftal?

a) Money can be sent to more than 200 countries and territories, often within a minute.

b) Option to send funds directly to a bank account or mobile wallet.

e) With a credit card

Credit cards are the most common ways to pay online. So, it is no surprise that many people want to buy Bitcoin with a credit card.

Why buy BTC with a credit card on Shiftal?

1) The easiest way to buy BTC online.

2) Instant transactions

To Sum Up

These are some of the payment modes through which a trader can buy BTC in the United Kingdom on Shiftal. However, our platform offers 70+ payment options to choose from, so select the one that suits you better. Shiftal is strictly regulated that gives you the best possible trading experience. Join us now!

Best bitcoin trading platform

Buy Bitcoin in India on Shiftal Exchange: What to Consider and Why?

After more than a decade of existence in the finance and technology industry, bitcoin (BTC), along with thousands of other cryptocurrencies, is becoming widely accepted. One of the regions with the rising crypto adoption today is India—the nation deemed to “soar to greater heights” as the world’s leader in terms of remittances.

If you’re new to the crypto space and planning to join the growing BTC market in India, don’t be overwhelmed! Here are a few essential things you should know before you buy Bitcoin in India by using fiat currency (INR).

You must have a Bitcoin wallet

When you already have funds to buy fractions of Bitcoin, the next important thing you must have is a cryptocurrency wallet. It is very similar to a physical wallet where you store paper bills and coins. But as Bitcoin is a virtual currency, you will need a digital wallet where you can store your BTC. Apart from storing, you can also send, receive, and track transactions using your BTC wallet.

If you are wondering how and where you can get a secure crypto wallet, we have got you covered! On Shiftal, India’s leading P2P crypto trading platform, you are entitled to a free Bitcoin wallet when you sign up and create an account.

You can access your Bitcoin wallet through your computer or laptop and on iOS or Android devices. Just download the app, fill out all the necessary information, and you are all set!

Bitcoin Trading is Prevalent in India

With the recent lift of the crypto ban in India by the Supreme Court, many crypto enthusiasts, businesses, and corporations are expanding their reach by exploring the excellent uses of Bitcoin.

From investment to trading and other potential applications, Indians are now taking advantage of the uses of this ingenious form of money.

A lot of bitcoin and crypto marketplaces are also emerging in the country, so if you’re wondering where and how to exchange bitcoin in India, you can quickly try to look for platforms that facilitate the kind of transaction you need.

Liquidity- The Major Concern of Indian Traders

If you have already scouted for the best Bitcoin P2P crypto exchange to start your BTC trading journey, the next thing you need to be aware of is that India is facing some concerns on liquidity.

Liquidity in the financial world is defined as being the “degree to which an asset can be easily converted into cash.” Many exchanges in India have very low liquidity levels. So if you’re buying fractions of BTC, it’s best that you spare some extra patience—most notably if you’re buying vast amounts of bitcoin.

But if you want to try your hand at best P2P bitcoin exchange platforms like Shiftal, Bitcoin purchase in India can be easier, cheaper, faster, and more accessible!

How to Buy Bitcoin in India on Shiftal

Step 1: Register with Shiftal

Step 2: Go to the main page, choose your location “India” and choose a payment method.

Step 3: Choose a trader with a good reputation score and a high volume of trades to buy BTC.

Step 4: Pay your seller

Step 5: Once the seller confirms the receipt of payment, our escrow system will release the BTC and send it to your Shiftal wallet.

To Sum Up

To buy Bitcoin in India securely and instantly, scout for a trustworthy and highly-secure P2P crypto exchange like Shiftal. Your BTC funds are at stake here and we are pretty sure you wouldn’t like it if they land in the wrong hands. Always check Bitcoin’s price in India, so you will know when is the best time to trade?

Create your account on Shiftal and start grabbing the best BTC opportunities in India today!

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