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How Shiftal Can Help Traders to Buy Bitcoin in Venezuela

Venezuela is a Latin American country that is increasingly relying on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin after the country was hit by hyperinflation, which adversely affected the nation’s economy. The reason why the Venezuelans are using BTC or ETH is that the cryptocurrencies are immune to inflation. Virtual currencies have become a necessity for them to buying and selling goods and services. This is why Shiftal brings a user-friendly and robust P2P trading platform to efficiently buy Bitcoin in Venezuela.

According to a recent report, over 20,000 shops and enterprises in Venezuela have started accepting cryptocurrency from June 2020. Many store owners are connected to the best crypto trading platform to process payments in BTC or ETH, Shiftal is one of the trading platforms that can help Venezuelans to buy their goods and services by using their cryptocurrencies. With our platform, you can directly connect to your desired trader- with no middle-man needed to facilitate the trade. At Shiftal, we offer the lowest trading fee as compared to other trading platforms.

There are a plethora of benefits you can experience on Shiftal, including the following:

1) Private Trading

Since buyers and sellers are actively searching for people to match their orders, a third party is not needed in P2P crypto exchange trading. This provides the benefit of privacy. Since no third party is involved, only the buyer and seller negotiate. The communication between both parties is kept private.

2) Guaranteed Fair Prices

By opting for peer to peer trading, you can look for comparable prices and even better prices. With P2P crypto trading, orders at better prices are more likely to be filled since both parties have already expressed their interests. This type of trading also reduces the number of cancellations on an order book as the level of commitment between traders is arguably higher than that between traders using an exchange.

3) Faster Trades

Suppose you are at a shop in Venezuela and want to buy something, the shop keeper is asking you to pay in Bitcoin and you don’t have any at that moment. Here, Shiftal plays a great role. Just use your Shiftal App, our identity and credential management partner “Yoti” will take a couple of minutes to do the KYC process, and here you go. With Shiftal, you can receive your BTC in your wallet in very less time.

So, if you want to make your trade easier in Venezuela, having BTC and ETH can be extremely beneficial. If you are a newbie in the crypto market, here is how to buy Bitcoin in Venezuela:

Step 1: Visit from desktop, IOS, or Android.

Step 2: Register by clicking “free sign up”; fill the required details.

Step 3: Choose your locations as “Venezuela” and your desired payment mode.

Step 4: Choose a trader with a good reputation score and a high volume of trades to buy BTC.

Step 5: Pay your seller

Step 6: Once the seller confirms the receipt of the payment, our escrow system will release the BTC and send it to your Shiftal wallet.

To Sum Up

Finding a reliable P2P marketplace for secure yet hassle-free crypto trades can be complicated. However, now you are familiar with Shiftal- a trusted, secure, and fast crypto trading service provider that allows you to buy Bitcoin in Venezuela. Give us a try, we assure you to make your trading a seamless and notable experience.

For any query, feel free to reach us at any time.

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