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How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal Instantly: A Step-by-Step Guide

For over a decade now, PayPal has built the repute of being the leader in online payment services. Being the easiest, fastest, and secure e-wallet, PayPal is allowing its users to buy their desired cryptocurrencies, too. Unsurprisingly, PayPal users are considering using their e-wallets to purchase these digital currencies.

Why buy Bitcoin with PayPal?

Today, almost every trader, whether he/she is a newbie or a crypto expert is looking to find the best possible way to purchase cryptocurrency but numerous exchanges do not accept fiat money. The good news is that there is even a better and easier option to buy Bitcoin with PayPal.

How reliable is it to buy Bitcoin with PayPal?

Safety is always a concern for people who are going to buy something online. Buying with PayPal has always been a remarkably secure method for online purchasing. Generally, the seller feels hesitant about PayPal at times due to chargebacks, but buying with PayPal is extremely safe and easy.

If you are looking to buy a cryptocurrency and embark on your crypto journey, here are a few good reasons to buy crypto with PayPal.

Faster Payments

The online payment services offered by PayPal are getting slicker, owing to its new one-touch checkout functionality. Upon activation of one-touch payments with your PayPal account, you can ensure faster deposits into your crypto exchange accounts without the need to enter your login details every time.

Get peer-to-peer access to crypto sellers worldwide

A plethora of leading peer-to-peer crypto trading platforms that connect cryptocurrency buyers and sellers directly accept PayPal as a payment method, Shiftal is one among them. To ensure secure transactions, Shiftal integrates advanced security features, such as two-factor authentication, dispute resolution system, etc on their platforms. Once you place an order to buy crypto with PayPal, the crypto seller verifies the payment, and your crypto tokens are credited to your crypto wallet in no time.

Benefit from PayPal’s payback button

Using PayPal as your cryptocurrency deposit method allows you to get covered by the website’s buyer protection. If you buy crypto with PayPal and if in case the digital currency does not arrive from your seller, or if the amount is not the same as that you purchased, PayPal can reimburse you (depending upon paypal policies).

Advanced encryption and anti-fraud technology

PayPal takes user protection quite seriously. It uses state-of-the-art anti-fraud technology to monitor all transactions 24/7 to sweep away identity theft and phishing attacks on your data. Moreover, every transaction to crypto exchange is encrypted from your PayPal account.

How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal on Shiftal?

Step 1: Select the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy in your local currency, such as US. Additionally, select your country (since PayPal is online and you can use it to buy Bitcoin in Venezuela from people who are sitting in Australia that have PayPal), and select PayPal as the payment mode.

Step 2: After you hit the Search button, look at the list of sellers, and choose your preferred seller after reviewing their profile.

Step 3: After choosing a seller, hit Buy to enter your desired amount of BTC and initiate the trade.

Step 4: Once you are ready, click Send trade request. After the seller accepts your request, send your fiat money via paypal and click the ‘I Have Paid’ button. Then, the seller’s BTC will be released from Shiftal’s escrow to your wallet after seller verifies your payment.

Note: Another thing you could do is post your own advertisement for a trade. Just head over to the “Post Trade” option and create your own advertisement with the amount you desire. It will be soon fulfilled by other traders who agree to trade with you.

Caution: Be safe while trading with Paypal.

While trading your currencies with Paypal payment method, be sure to check the seller’s Shiftal profile for feedback, ask for identification documents of the trader if required and/or ask for PayPal profile before making the trade. These are some suggestions to make sure traders are safe while using PayPal as a payment method.

To Sum Up

To enjoy the seamless trading experience and embrace a convenient solution to trade Bitcoin with PayPal from a reliable and secure P2P crypto trading platform, Sign-up on Shiftal. At Shiftal, we also offer some other payment options such as you can buy Bitcoin with cash, credit card, or via other blockchain-based coins as well. So, choose the best suitable playmate option for you.

Enjoy trading!

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