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ShiftalCoin Phase 2 Private Sale is Live Now. Here’s All You Need to Know

The phase 2 sale of Shiftal coin is live. Those who missed the opportunity to buy Shiftal Coin during the first sale can buy now before 31st October. Find out complete details here.

What is Shiftal Coin Private Sale Phase 2?

The Shiftal coin (SFL) sale will be held in multiple stages. Private sale phase 1 has ended successfully and the phase 2 sale is live now.

The thing to note here is that the Shiftal coin price will increase with each sale. So, the earlier you buy, the best price you can get. Now is the best time to buy the Shiftal coin in the Phase 2 sale at the lowest price.


Shiftal coin private sale is live now on the official website –

To buy the coin, one needs to register on the Shiftalcoin website.

Shiftcal coin can be purchased with Bitcoin, ETH, USDT and other options available on the website. Make sure to use the correct website address and avoid fake websites with similar name/s. Check the Shiftal logo before buying.

Coin Price

For the private sale phase 2, the Shiftal coin price has been revised to INR 8 per SFL coin.

This price is exclusive for the phase 2 sale and may be revised again in the upcoming token sales.


Shiftal coin private sale phase 2 is scheduled from 15th September to 31st October.

Anyone who buys the token during this period will be eligible for the exclusive price of INR 8 per SFL.

Join Shiftal Coin Private Sale Phase-2

Why participate in Shiftal Coin Private Sale Phase 2?

Shiftcal coin was created as the native cryptocurrency for the Shiftal Exchange. The primary role of the coin is to provide a secure and convenient option for users to pay the platform fee when trading on the Shiftal Exchange.

Shiftal is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides peer-to-peer crypto trading services to users in more than 200 countries. Shiftal is also one of the first exchanges to allow purchasing of cryptocurrencies with 70+ payment options, including Shiftal coin. When using Shiftal coin to pay for their order, traders will get a discount on fees. The actual discount value and offers will be revealed once the Shiftcal coin is officially launched post the sale.

Now is the best time to buy the Shiftcal coin as the coin price is the lowest it will ever be. The first phase sale was immensely successful and we expect the same kind of response from phase 2. Do hurry and buy Shiftal coin at the special price and win up to 8% commission on your purchase.

Buy SFL Coins Now!


Why Trust Shiftal Coin (SFL) for Investment?

When buying any new asset or investing in a project for the first time, we all wonder whether this would turn out to be the right choice. Shiftal Coin is one such digital currency asset that investors are talking about and many have already purchased it. However, there are also investors who are worried about the future scope and potential of this coin. For all those and many others, here we talk about the top reasons why you can absolutely trust the Shiftal Coin.

Let’s begin with the basics.

What is Shiftal Coin?

Shiftal Coin (SFL) is a digital currency created and launched as the native coin for the Shiftal peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange. As a Utility Token for Shiftal Exchange, SFL would be primarily used for paying the trading fees and platform charges on the Shiftal platform, for which users can avail exciting discounts on fees.

What is Shiftal Coin

Shiftal Coin has been launched exclusively for traders and users on the Shiftal Exchange platform, providing them with a fast and convenient method to pay the platform fee, and receive attractive discounts while doing so.

Later on, the team also plans to launch Shiftal Debit Cards, which can be purchased using SFL coins and would be usable for online/offline payments across a variety of merchants.

Shiftal is a new project still in the development stage. The exchange was launched about a year back, with the purpose to make it easy for anyone to buy cryptocurrencies using as many as 70 payment methods. This is a peer-to-peer exchange where users deal directly with each other and can make payments for trades using any of the available options. Shiftal uses the Escrow service to protect the payments and interests of the platform users.

Shiftal has made it possible for thousands of crypto beginners in all corners of the world to buy cryptocurrencies using their local currencies and payment options.

Why You Can Trust Shiftal Coin

All Shiftal users will get a discount on the platform charges when they pay using the Shfital Coin.

But, this isn’t the only reason why you should trust or buy SFL.

Shiftal Coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Shiftal Exchange, which is one of the fastest-growing P2P crypto exchanges in the world. Shiftal provides services to crypto users in 200+ countries and is already being used by thousands of users worldwide. As the platform grows, so will the demand and value of the native SFL coin.

We all have seen what happened with the Binance Coin – the native coin for the Binance Exchange. The exchange has registered tremendous growth in the past few years, and the value of its native coin also increased exponentially during this period. Expecting the same kind of growth for the SFL coin would not be overstating.

Best of all, both the Shiftal Exchange and the coin are backed by a brilliant team of passionate crypto developers and enthusiasts, who are well-known in the industry and are trusted by investors and traders globally. Thanks to this trust, many institutional investors and companies are already showing interest in partnering with or investing in the Shiftal project.

Don’t be late. Invest now and get the early-bird benefits. Buy SFL coin at an attractive Private Sale price.

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How to Participate in Shiftal Coin Private Sale (Phase 1)?

Shiftal Coin Private Sale Phase 1 is live now.

Shiftal coin has been launched at and is now being sold through the private sale phase 1 round. If you are planning to buy the Shiftal coin, this is the best time. Go to the website and participate in Shiftal Coin IEO now.

Why should you buy Shiftal Coin?

Be part of the community

Be part of the innovative and growing community of Shiftal users & traders and learn crypto trading from pros. Trade seamlessly with other users on Shiftal and buy Bitcoin and ETH at fair prices with complete transparency.

Buy Shiftal coin at a really low price

During the private IEO sale, Shiftal Coin is being offered at the introductory price of Rs. 6 per coin. This is the lowest price to buy Shiftal Coin, as the coin price will at least double once it is launched in the market. Buy now to get the price advantage.

First mover advantage

The Shiftal project is still in the early stage and constantly evolving with new features being introduced regularly. If you join now, you stand to get the first-mover advantage.

A Powerful Utility Coin backed by and used on Shiftal

Shiftal coin is created to act as the native coin of the Shiftal exchange platform. Besides providing access to all current and future services of Shiftal exchange, the coin would be used for paying trading and transaction fees on the platform.

The Private sale phase 1 of Shiftal coin will end on 15th September. So, hurry now before the exclusive price offer ends.

How to buy Shiftal Coin

Buy Shiftal Coin on or before 15 September to get the first mover advantage and buy the coin at the lowest price.

Follow these steps to buy the Shiftal Coin in the private sale:

Step 1: Visit and Register.

Visit the IEO website of Shiftalcoin and click on the Register button to create an account for you.

Step 2: Verify Email and Log in

After successful registration, verify your email address before you can log in to your Shiftal account.

Use your username and password to log in to your Shiftal dashboard.

Step 3: Buy Coin

On your Shiftal account dashboard, click on the Buy Coin option in the left sidebar.

Now, you can see the purchase form on the main page. To make payment, you can select from BTC, ETH, USDT/TRC, And USDT/ERC options.

Once you select the currency, enter the number of Shiftal (SFL) coins you wish to purchase. The next field reflects the amount you need to pay. Send your payment to the address mentioned on the page.

Enter sender’s wallet address, reference/transaction id and payment screenshot in respective fields.

Once you submit, the Shiftal team will verify your payment based on the information provided. Once your payment is confirmed, you’ll receive coins in your Shiftal Wallet. From here, you can transfer Shiftal coins to any supported wallet of your choice.

Congratulations! You’re now the proud owner of Shiftal Coin. Be ready to make profits once the coin is listed on the exchange.


Shiftal Coin Phase 1 Private Sale is Live Now – Join Today!

Shiftal Exchange is excited to announce the launch of the first private sale of our native utility coin – Shiftal Coin. The phase 1 private sale is live now and you can buy the Shiftal coin at an introductory price of ₹6 per coin by the 15th of September. Here’s all you need to know about the Shiftal Coin Phase 1 Private Sale, including how to participate.

What is Shiftal Exchange?

Shiftal is a next-gen peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and ETH directly from other users using 70+ payment options and with the trust and security of escrow payments.

Shiftal Exchange has launched Shiftal Coin – a powerful utility coin backed by and to be used on the Shiftal platform. You can buy Shiftal coin now by participating in the IEO sale or later when the coin is listed on the exchange.

Invest in Shiftal Private Sale (Phase 1) Before It’s Gone

Shiftal coin IEO sale will be held in multiple phases divided into two parts: Private sale & Public sale.

15% of all Shiftal coins will be available for purchase during the Shiftal Private sale, which will be held in the third quarter of 2021. Shiftal coin private sale will be held in multiple phases. The phase 1 sale, which is live now, will end on 15th September.

Shiftal Private Sale Phase 1

Last date – September 15, 2021

Shiftal coin price – ₹6 per coin

Accepted currencies – BTC, ETH, USDT

The Shiftal coin price will be increased with every sale. Only for the first phase of the private sale, the coin price is fixed at ₹6 per Shiftal coin to give investors a chance to get early-bird benefits.

The Shiftal Utility Coin gives investors/holders access to all the current and future services of the Shiftal P2P exchange.

Join Shiftalcoin Private Sale Phase 1

How to Buy Shiftal Coin in Private Sale

Access to the Shiftal Coin private sale is available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Since the number of coins on sale is limited, the first comers will get the best chance to buy the coin at the lowest price.

To participate in the Shiftal private sale, an investor must register on the website If you have a referral code, enter it when signing up to earn up to 16% commission on your trades.

Make sure to verify your email by clicking on the link sent to your email address. Without it, you won’t be able to participate in the token sale.

Now, log in to the website using your username and password. Well done. Now, you are ready to buy the most innovative coin of the year.

Click on the ‘Buy coins now’ button to proceed.

On the next page, select the currency you want to use for payment. We accept Bitcoin, ETH, and USDT.

Enter the number of Shiftal (SFL) coins you wish to buy. The next column will show the equivalent amount in your selected currency. This is the amount you need to pay.

Send the payment to the address provided on the page. Make sure to cross-check the address and use the correct address to send the payment.

Enter the sender’s wallet address in the next field and then enter the reference/transaction id of your payment and the payment proof/screenshot.

Click on Submit to proceed.

The team will verify your payment and will send you a confirmation shortly. Once the payment is verified, you’ll receive Shiftal Coins instantly in your wallet.

Go to Payment >> Wallet to check your SFL coin balance.

Buy Ethereum in India cryptocurrency Ethereum

How To Sell Ethereum In India?

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world. In some aspects, ETH is even better than Bitcoin, which include the possible use cases and the future scope.

ETH is based on the Ethereum blockchain, which was the first to introduce the concept of smart contracts, enabling developers to build their customised decentralized applications (DApps) on Ethereum’s powerful and open-source platform.

If you are looking to sell ETH in India, there are multiple ways to do that, all of which can be broadly categorised into two types: 1) direct sell, 2) sell through an exchange.

Sell ETH through a regular crypto exchange

The most common way to sell your ETH in India is through a regular crypto exchange.

These crypto exchanges are centralized, i.e. trades are performed by intermediaries on behalf of the traders. The platform will match a buy-sell order, and the admin will process the order while levying a commission/fee from the user.

Usually, this is the simplest and the most straightforward method to sell ETH in India. You don’t need to go out and search buyers manually. The platform will do that for you.

However, regular crypto exchanges have their limits. For instance, you may not be able to sell ETH for your favorite payment option like cash or wallet credit. Also, the risk increases when too much control is in the hands of middlemen.

Sell ETH via The P2P Route

P2P or peer-to-peer trading of cryptocurrencies simply refers to directly buying & selling between the users. For example, if you have some ETH that you want to sell for a particular price, you can find potential ETH buyers and sell them directly, accepting payments in your preferred mode.

However, it’s easier said than done. Finding a person who would be interested in buying ETH from you will not be easy, not unless you know the right away. This is where a P2P exchange comes in.

What is a P2P crypto exchange?

A peer-to-peer crypto exchange is a platform where you can find potential buyers and sellers to directly buy or sell your coins. For example, the Shiftal P2P Crypto exchange allows you to find, connect and trade directly with other users.

Here’s how you can sell your ETH easily & securely to other users on Shiftal.

Step 1: Register

Visit and create a new account. (If you already have an account on Shiftal, skip to the next step.)

Step 2: Sign in

Now, sign in to your Shiftal wallet account. Choose your location and preferred payment method in order to see the available offers for you.

Step 3: Select and sell

Click on an ETH offer that you find appropriate. Read the trade terms carefully. Then, you can send a ‘sell’ request to the user (who posted the ad). Once the user accepts your request, you can ask them for payment.

The user will send you payment in your preferred payment mode. You can choose from over 70 payment options on Shiftal. Once you have received the payment, the Shiftal escrow will automatically transfer the coins from your wallet to the buyer’s wallet.

Step 4: Post a trade (in case if you fail to find the right offer)

There is a possibility that you may not find the right ad with the right price or payment option as you want. In that case, you can always post a new trade with your particular requirements.

To post a trade, use the option on the homepage. Make sure to provide as much detail about your offer as possible, along with the asking price and your preferred payment option.

The interested buyer will contact you directly to buy ETH from you.

Buying And Selling ETH on Shiftal is completely free. However, a user who creates a new ad has to pay a 1% fee on every successful trade.

Why sell ETH via Shiftal?

  • Highly secure with escrow
  • Easy & fast automated KYC
  • Zero trade fee (1% fee for every completed trade is charged only from those Shiftal users who create advertisements)
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy & secure crypto trading
  • 70+ payment methods
  • European regulated exchange
  • Earn up to 40% commission with the Shiftal Referral Program

So, are you ready to sell ETH for the best price in India? Join Shiftal and start trading today.


Join P2p Crypto Exchange shiftal

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