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How to Participate in Shiftal Coin Private Sale (Phase 1)?

Shiftal Coin Private Sale Phase 1 is live now.

Shiftal coin has been launched at and is now being sold through the private sale phase 1 round. If you are planning to buy the Shiftal coin, this is the best time. Go to the website and participate in Shiftal Coin IEO now.

Why should you buy Shiftal Coin?

Be part of the community

Be part of the innovative and growing community of Shiftal users & traders and learn crypto trading from pros. Trade seamlessly with other users on Shiftal and buy Bitcoin and ETH at fair prices with complete transparency.

Buy Shiftal coin at a really low price

During the private IEO sale, Shiftal Coin is being offered at the introductory price of Rs. 6 per coin. This is the lowest price to buy Shiftal Coin, as the coin price will at least double once it is launched in the market. Buy now to get the price advantage.

First mover advantage

The Shiftal project is still in the early stage and constantly evolving with new features being introduced regularly. If you join now, you stand to get the first-mover advantage.

A Powerful Utility Coin backed by and used on Shiftal

Shiftal coin is created to act as the native coin of the Shiftal exchange platform. Besides providing access to all current and future services of Shiftal exchange, the coin would be used for paying trading and transaction fees on the platform.

The Private sale phase 1 of Shiftal coin will end on 15th September. So, hurry now before the exclusive price offer ends.

How to buy Shiftal Coin

Buy Shiftal Coin on or before 15 September to get the first mover advantage and buy the coin at the lowest price.

Follow these steps to buy the Shiftal Coin in the private sale:

Step 1: Visit and Register.

Visit the IEO website of Shiftalcoin and click on the Register button to create an account for you.

Step 2: Verify Email and Log in

After successful registration, verify your email address before you can log in to your Shiftal account.

Use your username and password to log in to your Shiftal dashboard.

Step 3: Buy Coin

On your Shiftal account dashboard, click on the Buy Coin option in the left sidebar.

Now, you can see the purchase form on the main page. To make payment, you can select from BTC, ETH, USDT/TRC, And USDT/ERC options.

Once you select the currency, enter the number of Shiftal (SFL) coins you wish to purchase. The next field reflects the amount you need to pay. Send your payment to the address mentioned on the page.

Enter sender’s wallet address, reference/transaction id and payment screenshot in respective fields.

Once you submit, the Shiftal team will verify your payment based on the information provided. Once your payment is confirmed, you’ll receive coins in your Shiftal Wallet. From here, you can transfer Shiftal coins to any supported wallet of your choice.

Congratulations! You’re now the proud owner of Shiftal Coin. Be ready to make profits once the coin is listed on the exchange.

P2P Crypto Exchange

Why You Should Become a Shiftal Peer

Are you looking for a way to make your crypto journey more rewarding and fulfilling? Are you interested in helping others in their crypto journeys? What if I tell you about an easier and more profitable way to help others while earning rewards? Welcome to the Shiftal Referral Program.

By joining the Shiftal Referral Program, you can not only earn attractive rewards through your peers but also you get to help your community build their own networks and earn a steady income for life. Here we talk about some other benefits of becoming a Shiftal Peer.

What is the Shiftal Peer/Referral Program?

The Shiftal referral program pays you to bring people to join and trade on the Shiftal P2P exchange. But, that’s not all. It gives you the unique opportunity to educate your peers, friends & family about crypto and bring them to trade on the world’s leading P2P bitcoin exchange, trading and earning rewards.

Through the Shiftal Referral program, you can create your own community/network of crypto enthusiasts and become an entrepreneur by creating a lifetime income source. Here are some of the benefits you can get as a Shiftal Peer.

Benefit #1. Become your own BOSS

Our referral program participants are entrepreneurs who have built their own community-driven businesses. They are independent investors, who use something they truly believe in to educate as well as create earning opportunities for others. As a Shiftal Peer, you are not working for, but working for yourself and your community. There is practically no limit to how much you can earn with this program.

Benefit #2: Earn Rewards

One of the biggest benefits and the motivation for becoming a Shiftal Peer is that you get to earn rewards for every trade of yours and that of your community. Every time someone joins the Shfital platform using your referral code and performs a trade, you get a commission. Also, you get a commission (free crypto) whenever a person referred by your referral joins the platform and makes a trade. And so on.

  1. Direct referrals – 25% commission on trade fee
  2. First referrals – 10% commission on trade fee
  3. Second referrals – 5% commission on trade fee

Once you’ve built a strong network of referrals, you’ll start earning a steady income every month. The more you work (refer), the more you can earn with Shiftal.

Benefit #3: Earn a steady income for life

The Shiftal referral program rewards you for a lifetime. It’s like having your own business. Once you’ve done the work, the rewards will keep coming as long as your network is active.

Benefit #4: Create Entrepreneurs

The Shiftal Referral program does not just allow you to educate other people about the power of crypto, but by bringing your friends & family to Shiftal, you can help them create their own business, becoming their own boss and earning a steady income for life. This is something they will always be thankful for. Through this, you help achieve our mission of financial freedom for everyone.

Benefit #5: Instant Cashouts

The Shiftal referral program is unlike any other existing referral system. We have no complex terms, and we are fully transparent. You get paid every time there is an activity in your network. All the referral program payouts are instant and are credited directly to your Shiftal wallet, which can be instantly redeemed for cash in any bank account.

Can it get better than this? Most likely not. By joining the Shiftal Referral Program, you don’t just create a passive income source, but you build a loyal community of peers who will work for you and themselves. In a way, you build a legacy that you can pass on to your family.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started today. Create a Shiftal wallet now!

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How to Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) for Ethereum (ETH) – The Easiest Way

Bitcoin and ETH are two of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies right now. Whether you’re a beginner or a full-fledged crypto investor, bitcoin is usually the first thing you’d want to own in your crypto wallet.

As easy as it is to buy bitcoin and ETH on hundreds of crypto exchanges out there, it’s equally easy to trade these coins for each other using the same crypto wallets. So, when you are looking for how to exchange bitcoin for ethereum, there are literally hundreds of options.

In this article, we will talk about the simple process to exchange BTC for ETH through the Shiftal P2P exchange, which is arguably the best, easiest and cheapest way to buy cryptocurrencies.

But, first things first.

Why Should You Convert Your BTC into ETH?

Well, for one, ETH is an equally, if not more, popular cryptocurrency as BTC. With things like smart contracts and DApps, Ethereum has more practical use cases than its counterpart.

Second, most exchanges require you to have Bitcoin in order to buy ETH. So, if you are planning to buy Ether, you may need to buy Bitcoin first and then use it to buy ETH.

Third but not least is to diversify your portfolio. Rather than putting all your funds into bitcoin, you should consider diversifying it across other good cryptocurrencies such as ETH. Converting some of your bitcoins into ETH can help you minimize risk and increase long-term profitability.

Okay. Now, let’s discuss how to exchange BTC for ETH.

Convert Bitcoin to Ethereum Using Shiftal Exchange

Shiftal is a leading peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange that provides Bitcoin exchange services in 200+ countries. It’s a highly secure, reliable and low-cost way to buy bitcoins. On Shiftal, you can easily buy ETH using BTC. Here’s how.

Step 1: Create a Shiftal Wallet Account

Visit and click on Register to create a new Shiftal Wallet account.

If you already have a Shiftal Wallet, skip to the next step.

Step 2: Log-in and Deposit BTC

Log in to your Shiftal account. Go to your Dashboard >> Wallet.

Click on Bitcoins to start depositing BTC to your Shiftal wallet.

Use the bitcoin address or QR code provided on the page to receive bitcoins from another wallet.

Once the wallet transfer is successful, you can instantly see bitcoins in your Bitcoin balance in the Shiftal wallet.

Now, you are ready to see how to buy ETH.

Step 3: Buy Ethereum

To buy ETH using BTC on Shiftal, click on Ethereum at the top of the page. On the next page, select your location, payment currency, and payment type. Based on your selection, the website will show you all available ads for Ethereum.

If you find the right trade based on your requirements and from a user with a good reputation, click on the buy button to start P2P trading. In order to receive ETH in your Shiftal wallet, you’ll first have to pay the user in BTC, which you can do directly from your Shiftal wallet or from any third-party wallet.

If you fail to find the right offer for your needs, click on Post Trade from the top menu to create a new ETH buy order.

On the page, click on Buy. Now, select ETH in coin. Next, select your country, city, currency, and margin (if any). In the Payment Method, select all online offers. Next, enter Terms of trade (If any). Click on Public Advertisement. Congratulations! Your offer is live. Now, sit back and wait for the right person (seller) to contact you.

When trading with a person, make sure to mention that you want to pay using Bitcoin. Then, you can easily transfer the payment to the person using your Shiftal wallet.

After the Shiftal Escrow verifies the payment, it will transfer ETH from the seller’s wallet to your wallet.

Voila! Your BTC to ETH transaction is done. Accept it, this is the easiest and probably the least expensive way to exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum. And it’s completely secure.

Best bitcoin trading platform P2P Crypto Exchange

How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in the UK (United Kingdom) 2021

Are you looking for the easiest and low-cost way to buy Bitcoin in the UK? Are you in search of a Bitcoin exchange with the lowest fee? Then, you are at the right place to know how to buy and sell bitcoin in the UK.

Even though the UK has still not fully regulated Bitcoin or authorised it as a legal tender for payments against services and/or products, trading of Bitcoin is allowed in the country through some selected exchanges.

Traditional Bitcoin exchanges in the UK charge a hefty commission from their users in the form of maker fee, taker fee, deposit charges, withdrawal charges, tax, etc. This ends up reducing the user profit or increasing the loss. A better and more flexible way to buy Bitcoin is a P2P Bitcoin exchange. In this article, you’ll learn about the Shiftal P2P exchange, along with the step-by-step process to buy Bitcoin on Shiftal using your local fiat currency (pound).

What is Shital Exchange?

Shiftal is a peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange, i.e. it allows users to buy and sell directly with each other in a complete peer-to-peer fashion.

Then, what is the need for the exchange?

The Shiftal exchange or platform lets users find and connect with other users when looking to buy and/or sell bitcoin.

When you want to buy/sell bitcoin, you have two options. First, you can sign up with a traditional exchange, give them a percentage of your profits/funds and let them process your trades. The second option is to join a platform where you can find and connect directly with other users (like you) looking to buy or sell Bitcoins. The benefit is that you trade directly with users and not with a middleman or third party, which improves security and privacy. Also, you may save a lot on exchange commissions.

Shiftal is a European regulated exchange and highly secure. It allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin using over 70 payment options, including your local fiat currency or dollar. The Shiftal exchange uses Escrow Service to protect the user interests and money.

Shiftal Exchange Vs Traditional Exchange to buy BTC in UK

Shiftal P2P ExchangeRegular Bitcoin Exchange
Trade feeLowHigh
Payment flexibilityHigh, 70+ optionsLow, limited payment options
Transaction timeMedium to highLow

Here’s How to Buy Bitcoin in the UK

The process to buy Bitcoin on the Shiftal P2P exchange is very simple and straightforward. New users need to first create an account on the Shiftal website and then they can use the platform to find and connect with potential users to buy bitcoins directly from them using easy & convenient bank transfer, wallet transfer, and/or other options.

Here’s the step-by-step process:

Step 1: Visit and Register.

Visit the website and click on the ‘Sign up free’ button to create a free account & wallet.

Create your account by entering the correct information and register.

Verify the email received on your registered email id.

Step 2: Sign-in and visit the dashboard

After successful registration, you can now sign in to your Shiftal wallet account using your unique credentials. After logging in to the website, go to the dashboard to check your wallet balance, transaction details, etc.

Also, you need to choose your location and a preferred payment method from the list in order to see the available offers.

Step 3: Explore and select an offer

Now, you can start exploring all the available ‘buy Bitcoin’ offers for your preferred option. Choose an offer from a trader with a good reputation score and a high trade volume to ensure you get the best and fair price. You can check the current status of the trader using the online/offline indicator. Trading with a person who is currently online is faster.

Click the buy button to start trading.

Step 4: Complete a trade

Make sure to read the terms & conditions of a trade carefully before submitting the trade request. Once you click on the request button, the seller will be notified of the same. He/she needs to accept your request in order for the trade to complete.

Once the seller accepts your trade request, you can make payment directly to the seller’s bank account, wallet, or any other option. The payment will be manually confirmed by the Shiftal Escrow. Once the confirmation is received, bitcoins will be automatically transferred from the seller’s wallet to the buyer’s (your) wallet.

As you can see, the process to buy Bitcoin on Shiftal is very easy and highly secure. To avoid the time-consuming manual KYC process, Shiftal has partnered with YOTI for fast and automated KYC verification of all the platform users.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today on Shiftal Exchange and buy Bitcoin in the UK.

P2P Crypto Exchange

How Does the Shiftal P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Work?

Peer-to-Peer or P2P Cryptocurrency exchange is a way of trading things directly with each other. Suppose that you want to buy a mobile phone, so instead of going through an online marketplace, you’ll buy directly from a seller or manufacturer. Similarly, in the crypto space, users now have the option to buy Bitcoin directly from other users.

A P2P crypto exchange is a platform that allows you to find a buyer or seller when you want to sell or buy your Bitcoins.

Before we start talking about how a P2P crypto exchange works, let’s first try to understand the basics of cryptocurrency exchanges.

A regular cryptocurrency exchange is more or less like an online marketplace. It works as a mediator between traders looking to buy/sell their cryptocurrencies. The platform will match buy/sell orders and execute them in a secure manner.

For its services, a crypto exchange will charge a commission or a fee per successful transaction. While traditional crypto exchanges are secure and reliable, they are not nearly perfect in terms of the flexibility of payments.

For example, not many crypto exchanges yet allow users to buy Bitcoin using fiat currencies. This is where P2P crypto exchanges come in.

What is a P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange?

A peer-to-peer crypto exchange is a website or platform that connects buyers and sellers looking to trade cryptocurrencies. That’s it. That is the major role of a P2P exchange – to connect buyers and sellers.

The platform does not perform trades on users’ behalf, and so will not charge a hefty commission or fee from its users. Another main role of a P2P exchange is to ensure the security of trades on its platform.

Shiftal is one of the leading peer-to-peer crypto exchange platforms in the world. As a P2P exchange, Shiftal allows traders to find, connect and trade with each other without the meddling of intermediaries.

For the security of users and data on its platform, Shiftal uses the escrow wallet service. One of the best reasons to buy bitcoin on Shiftal is the flexibility to choose from over 70 payment options.

Here’s how a P2P crypto exchange works.

How Shiftal P2P Exchange Works

The Shiftal P2P crypto exchange allows verified buyers and sellers to connect and trade directly and in a very secure manner. Rather than using a buy/sell order book or matching system, the platform allows participants to trade directly by creating new ads or using the existing ones.

Here’s how it works.

Suppose that you want to buy 1 BTC. So, you can create an account on the Shiftal website and choose your location and preferred payment option.

Now, the platform will show you all available offers from sellers who have offered to sell 1 BTC with your preferred payment option. Then, you can choose the offer that you best like and read the trade details.

If you want to proceed, you can send a Trade Request for the seller to respond. Once the seller responds, you can trade directly with each other by making a direct payment.

For the duration of the trade, the Shiftal Escrow will securely hold 1 BTC from the seller’s wallet. It will only release the Bitcoin to your (buyer’s) wallet once it receives payment confirmation from the seller.

In case you fail to find the right ‘sell order’ that matches your requirements, you can create a new trade advertisement on Shiftal. A potential seller who is interested in your offer will send a trade request to you.

The only downside of trading cryptocurrencies through a P2P exchange is that the time to execute a trade can sometimes be longer, depending on how long a buyer/seller takes to respond to your request.

However, when trading with buyers or sellers that are online, P2P trades typically take a few seconds to process.

The biggest benefit of purchasing BTC/ETH on Shiftal is that you get the flexibility to choose and pay from over 70 payment options, including cash payment, bank transfer, ATM, NEFT, UPI, digital wallets, Paytm wallet, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and more.

This removes the need for trusting a third-party payment gateway or paying a hefty commission per deposit/withdrawal transaction on regular crypto exchanges.

Other than that, Shiftal gives you access to a global crypto marketplace to buy and sell with people from other countries. This is even more useful when crypto exchanges are banned or restricted in your country. Also, it enhances the privacy and security of crypto trades.

Start P2P trading Bitcoin and ETH on Shiftal. Create an account today!


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