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Why You Should Become a Shiftal Peer

Are you looking for a way to make your crypto journey more rewarding and fulfilling? Are you interested in helping others in their crypto journeys? What if I tell you about an easier and more profitable way to help others while earning rewards? Welcome to the Shiftal Referral Program.

By joining the Shiftal Referral Program, you can not only earn attractive rewards through your peers but also you get to help your community build their own networks and earn a steady income for life. Here we talk about some other benefits of becoming a Shiftal Peer.

What is the Shiftal Peer/Referral Program?

The Shiftal referral program pays you to bring people to join and trade on the Shiftal P2P exchange. But, that’s not all. It gives you the unique opportunity to educate your peers, friends & family about crypto and bring them to trade on the world’s leading P2P bitcoin exchange, trading and earning rewards.

Through the Shiftal Referral program, you can create your own community/network of crypto enthusiasts and become an entrepreneur by creating a lifetime income source. Here are some of the benefits you can get as a Shiftal Peer.

Benefit #1. Become your own BOSS

Our referral program participants are entrepreneurs who have built their own community-driven businesses. They are independent investors, who use something they truly believe in to educate as well as create earning opportunities for others. As a Shiftal Peer, you are not working for, but working for yourself and your community. There is practically no limit to how much you can earn with this program.

Benefit #2: Earn Rewards

One of the biggest benefits and the motivation for becoming a Shiftal Peer is that you get to earn rewards for every trade of yours and that of your community. Every time someone joins the Shfital platform using your referral code and performs a trade, you get a commission. Also, you get a commission (free crypto) whenever a person referred by your referral joins the platform and makes a trade. And so on.

  1. Direct referrals – 25% commission on trade fee
  2. First referrals – 10% commission on trade fee
  3. Second referrals – 5% commission on trade fee

Once you’ve built a strong network of referrals, you’ll start earning a steady income every month. The more you work (refer), the more you can earn with Shiftal.

Benefit #3: Earn a steady income for life

The Shiftal referral program rewards you for a lifetime. It’s like having your own business. Once you’ve done the work, the rewards will keep coming as long as your network is active.

Benefit #4: Create Entrepreneurs

The Shiftal Referral program does not just allow you to educate other people about the power of crypto, but by bringing your friends & family to Shiftal, you can help them create their own business, becoming their own boss and earning a steady income for life. This is something they will always be thankful for. Through this, you help achieve our mission of financial freedom for everyone.

Benefit #5: Instant Cashouts

The Shiftal referral program is unlike any other existing referral system. We have no complex terms, and we are fully transparent. You get paid every time there is an activity in your network. All the referral program payouts are instant and are credited directly to your Shiftal wallet, which can be instantly redeemed for cash in any bank account.

Can it get better than this? Most likely not. By joining the Shiftal Referral Program, you don’t just create a passive income source, but you build a loyal community of peers who will work for you and themselves. In a way, you build a legacy that you can pass on to your family.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started today. Create a Shiftal wallet now!


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