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The world’s economy is growing at an annual rate of 2%, but reports have shown that the growth rate of the African continent has been declining consistently. Millions of African citizens live below the poverty line, and the average life expectancy of the population is only reducing over the years.

Factors affecting economic growth in Africa

Factors such as military conflicts, low investments for education, nonessential consumption expenditure, and policy distortions have contributed to the rapid deterioration of the African economy. The per capita GDP is at an all-time low, having been higher in 1974 from which Africa has seen more than an 11% decrease. This pattern is not likely to change unless serious measures are taken.

The inflation rate is at double digits in countries like Egypt, Ghana, South Sudan, Malawi, Nigeria, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. This consequently led to a majority of the population turning to Bitcoins to seek refuge from local currencies that were constantly under attack due to hyperinflation.

The Effect of Cryptocurrencies on the Economy

Bitcoins have proved to be a factor that can help spur growth in Africa. It eliminates the obstacles that traditional banking and finance face. By adopting Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies (Altcoins like Ether, and Tether), the general population enjoys access to financial services at reduced rates. It simultaneously speeds up the progress of financial inclusion.

People in remote areas, lower financial classes, and even those who do not rely on the national currency are given the choice to opt for a better mode of exchange. A cryptocurrency circumvents government regulations and requires no middleman. Its trade is not restricted by any geographical barrier. Eradicating the ignorance associated with cryptocurrencies and adopting it widely can give the economy a major push.

How can Shiftal help?

Shiftal is a revolutionary P2P trading platform that is completely liberated from central authorities. It allows users to perform instant cross-border trade using cryptocurrencies. Shiftal strives to create a better economy for the African continent by introducing people to the world of cryptocurrencies. Not only does it benefit users by creating a more reliable form of currency, but it also benefits the nation as a whole by stimulating economic growth and improving the standard of living. P2p Trading can act as a passive income and free you from relying on a national currency that often proves to be unreliable.

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